In order for a dentist surgery to run effectively, care and consideration has to be taken in order to ensure you have the highest quality equipment in place. Germs and bacteria harbour in the air, however with air compressors, this risk can be eliminated, ensuring that your practice is always safe for you and your patients. Here at Gloucester Compressed Air Specialists Limited, we a leading company and can find the ideal solution for your individual needs. We have an unrivalled reputation for the service we provide, which includes the installation and on-going maintenance of such equipment. No matter what you’re looking for, we are confident that we are the team to assist.

Air compressors may be something that you’ve heard of, but do you truly understand the hygienic importance of these? It’s vital that in an area where you are providing procedures such as dental implants, you have the best quality, and most hygienic air available. This will keep the treatment clean and clear, and will ensure that any risks of infection to your patient are minimised dramatically.

It is because of this that air compressors are so important, and you needn’t worry as our team are on hand to ensure you find a product, and an on-going service, that is perfect for your needs.

The mechanical process of an air compressor is to produce compressed air; this is then sent through a filter which removes liquids and any remaining debris from the area. Any dental procedure would be impossible without the use of this equipment, and the facility of having dry, clean and filtered air in a dental surgery is a legal requirement for any NHS hospital environment.

If you need assistance in choosing air compressors to ensure that your practice is always operating safely, don’t hesitate to contact the team here at Gloucester Compressed Air Specialists Limited on 01452 840 042 today.