Dental air compressors are used to pressurise atmospheric air for certain dental procedures. However, one of the main doubts that dentists have with regards to these compressors are whether it is safe to install used air compressors or not, when looking at cost-effective measures.

This doubt comes from the fact that dental air compressors have high moisture content, making them perfect as breeding grounds for bacteria. However, there are adequate safety measures built in to ensure that no bacterial transfer takes place when using the compressors for dental procedures.

Moisture Control

Science and technology has advanced enough to make dental air compressors safe. Majority of dental compressors have dryers that remove as much as condensation and moisture as possible before the air is delivered to patients. In addition, they are equipped with a filter to trap micro-organisms that may be present. This dual line of protection ensures that bacteria are not transferred to the mouth of the patient.

Oil Control

These compressors require lubrication for proper functioning of the various parts. This can cause the oil to make its way into the air stream and find its way into the patients’ mouths. The good news is that dentists can opt for oil-free compressors, or those that have special sealants, which prevent the lubricant from reaching the air stream.

Today, dentists can have the peace of mind that used quality dental air compressors are safe, with filters, ultra-dry and oil-free, making these compressors extremely safe for use in dental practices. However, care should be taken to ensure there is proper ventilation, as these compressors use atmospheric air and compress it.

If proper ventilation is not provided, the compressors can suck in carbon dioxide from the vicinity of the vacuum system, causing contamination. That is why dental practices should have systems in place for regular inspection of air compressors and air audits to ensure the quality of air is being maintained. This should be coupled with preventive maintenance and repairs by a professional. If these tips are followed, dental air compressors can be extremely safe for use without risking contamination or infection.

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