It’s almost now a cliché to say that times are tough, money is tight and business budgets are getting smaller but it’s still very much the case. Particularly in smaller business where cashflow can heavily fluctuate, costs need to be kept to a minimum – but maintaining the quality of the products and services you provide can seem like an impossible task when you’re cutting money where it counts the most.

With the widespread usage of compressed air solutions across a whole variety of businesses and industries, you no longer need worry about cost-saving measures directed at your compressed air systems – we now have the answer, with our supply of high-quality used compressed air systems.

Fantastic Money-Saving Solutions

When the necessary task of replacing your existing air compressor rears its head your initial instinct may be to opt for brand new models. However, if cost is an issue then you’re going to want compressors of a high standard that provide quality compressed air – making new compressors is not as viable an option.

With our used air compressors here at GCASL, you can buy in confidence knowing that your unit will be reliable, effective and (most importantly) safe. By going down the used route you’re still able to add a quality compressor to your business setup, but with a smaller initial cost compared with a brand new unit.

Keep Compressors Running With Professional Repairs

Often your existing compressor may seem like it needs replacing, but maintenance and repairs are in fact the best and most cost effective solution. At GCASL we offer a number of repair and maintenance solutions, from small servicing to vital repairs with our 24 hour breakdown service.

Additionally, we can usually supply temporary plant and compressors to keep that vital aspect of your business running as we carry out those all-important repairs.

If you require high quality, but budget-pleasing compressed air solutions for your business, then look no further than our range of used air compressors here at GCASL. Still providing you with a high quality solution, and the peace of mind of system reliability, our used compressors are a fantastic and effective way to save on your company’s budget this year without having to compromise on quality.

For more information on the products and services we can provide your industry with, call GCASL today on 01452 840042.