Dental Systems

There are two essential systems without which any dental surgery CEASES TO FUNCTION, the air compressor and its associated equipment and the suction system. Here at GCASL Ltd, we are able to provide servicing, repair, installation and hire of all dental compressed air or vacuum equipment to keep your surgery performing as it should.

Dental Quality Compressed Air

The cleanliness and quality of compressed air is, of course, paramount when dealing with members of the public. Without it, risk of contamination increases and some equipment (such as ultrasonic) may not function properly. All compressors produce condensate (water) as part of the mechanical process of compressing atmospheric air. If condensate is present in surgery air, the filter material of an in line bacterial filter can become wet – allowing micro-organisms to penetrate the filter.

Suction Systems

Removal of liquids and debris from the operating area along with amalgam separation are all essential functions of any dental procedure, but suction systems are often overlooked until they lose efficiency or fail completely. We can advise on service schedules for air and suction systems, filtration, air dryer specification, and improving your present compressed air and vacuum systems. Please note that a standard air compressor service may not necessarily include an ‘air quality’ test with written and recorded results.

Patient Protection

To help protect your patients the following measures should be considered. To help protect your patients the following measures should be considered. A compressed air dryer and dust filter installed in the system. The dryer system should be capable of producing air with a dew point not less than -20°C A bacterial filter to reduce the risk of delivering spores or other infectious matter via dental air. Suction systems cleaned regularly, suction filters removed and cleaned or replaced. Regularly checking the dryness of the dental air supplied to a bacterial filter. Micro-organisms can penetrate a bacterial filter if the material becomes wet.

Is this a legal requirement?

Dry, filtered and Clean Air Dentistry Compressors are a legal requirement within the NHS hospital environment, orthodontist, operating theatre and so on. The NHS guidance document (Health Technical Memorandum 2022) discusses dental compressed air and provides further details of air quality requirements for dental surgeries in hospital settings. If you are looking for services in dental air compressors before a compressor is used, a ‘competent’ person should draw up a written scheme of examination detailing its periodic examination. The owner of the compressor must ensure that the periodic examinations are carried out to the written scheme. The Health and Safety Executive recommends examinations should occur at least once every 26 months for air compressors.