Here at GCASL we have years’ of experience supplying, installing, repairing and maintaining compressed air units for a whole range of industries, with the dental industry being a particular specialty. This is due to the very strict regulations and stringent inspections that the industry is subject to, and ensuring the equipment you use can provide air for patients of a satisfactory quality is absolutely paramount.

Oil-Lubricated Compressors Affect Air Quality

For many years, oil-lubricated air compressors have been standard usage in a variety of industries – including dental. When inspectors carry out their inspections, it’s vital that the quality of the air meets HTM-2022 standards, which is difficult to achieve with oil-lubricated compressors. That’s why recommendations from the British Dental Association (BDA) now state that oil-free air compressors are actually much cleaner, more effective and provide a better quality of air to patients.

We supply a range of high profile clients, including Primary Care Trusts, NHS dentists and government sectors, with high quality oil-free compressors for use in a dental environment to achieve the highest possible quality of air.

Filters & Dryers Required To Ensure Clean Air

While the BDA does recommend oil-free air compressors for use in dental surgeries to improve the quality of the air, care still needs to be taken to ensure that dirt, debris and moisture are all filtered out to achieve the highest possible quality of air in line with inspection standards and the HTM-2022.

In-line filters can help filter dirt and debris out of the air to an acceptable level, and are always installed by experienced engineers to ensure maximum efficiency and effective working.

As compressed air is heated during compression, condensation and moisture can build up – carrying microscopic germs and illness on the water droplets. To avoid this, air dryers are needed to get rid of the moisture, with the most effective being a heat regenerative dryer. This kills the germs by cooling the air to temperatures as low as -26C, with alternatives including refrigerant dryers to cool the air to +2-3C.

We can provide all of these filters and dryers as part of the installation process when upgrading to an oil-free compressor, or even to repair existing oil-free air compressors which are in need of new filters or air drying units.

If your surgery still uses oil-lubricated air compressors, or require filtration and drying components to guarantee a satisfactory quality of air for your patients, then call GCASL today on 01452 840042. We’ll happily provide you with a quality, affordable service in Gloucester and the Gloucestershire area with experienced, down-to-earth engineers to meet whatever needs you may have.