A Year In Review: How HTM 01-05 Changed In 2013

One of the major changes in the dental compressed air industry in 2013 was a revised version of HTM 01-05, published by the Department of Health, with several changes having been incorporated. Here are some of the major changes that have occurred pertaining to dental... read more

How To Maintain Your Dental Air Compressor

Dental air compressors condense atmospheric air and give clean, compressed air to ensure the smooth running of the various equipment used in dental surgeries. Keeping the patients infection-free is every dentist’s priority, and dentists are legally required to... read more

How Used Air Compressors Can Save You Money

It’s almost now a cliché to say that times are tough, money is tight and business budgets are getting smaller but it’s still very much the case. Particularly in smaller business where cashflow can heavily fluctuate, costs need to be kept to a minimum – but maintaining... read more

Full Air Compressor Installations and Tutorials

The air compressors Gloucester we supply can be utilised in a variety of different industries, and are essential in areas such as dentistry, however if you are just opening a new business or are looking at air compressors for the first time, you may not know exactly... read more

The Importance of Hygienic Air Compressors

In order for a dentist surgery to run effectively, care and consideration has to be taken in order to ensure you have the highest quality equipment in place. Germs and bacteria harbour in the air, however with air compressors, this risk can be eliminated, ensuring... read more

Uses of Air Compressors in Dental Practices

A visit to the dentist can be stressful enough without having to worry about a lack of hygiene, or even the risk of infection. This is why it is essential for dental practices to ensure that they have the very best equipment in place to ensure that their patients are... read more

Examining Your Machinery For Insurance Purposes.

There are many different sectors that use air compressors on a daily basis, from industrial factories to surgeons and dentists. It is a legal requirement within the NHS for only clean, dry, filtered air to be used and so it is important to purchase a compressor from a... read more